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What makes us tick?

/our values

We believe design is about making things better. More positive. More purpose-driven. 

We grow your business by creating purpose-driven brands, products, and experiences. We won’t waste your time with unnecessary jargon or cumbersome processes.

That’s because we’re truly obsessed about delivering real solutions to that are transformational, commercial and sustainable.

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Meet the makers.

/ Our team

Tez Patel

Managing Partner

Tez has over 15 years agency experience, working with brands such as Autodesk, Bombardier and Superdry. He has a unique blend of commercial acumen, brand experience, and luxury products. Tez has helped build best-in-class teams to deliver award-winning projects and scale start-up ventures. He is Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and is passionate about encouraging the next generation of young artists, designers, and makers to reach creative excellence.

Steve Ward

Senior Partner - Brand Design

Steve's passion is centred around bringing brands to life, design thinking and creating positive change. He has a decade of experience as a creative consultant and leads a strong team of talented designers. Steve's portfolio boasts work for global brands such as Atlassian, Sage and Kambi. Steve has a passion for all things design and is an advocate for creativity and harnessing the power of design in business.

Jordan Waid

Senior Partner - Innovation lab

Jordan is a creative agency veteran, SME thought leader and innovative design thinker. Over his 30 year career, Jordan has changed the face of brand experience and has won dozens of awards and accolades. Jordan is Space Mark Lab's Futurity Consultant, where he helps deliver business innovation and strategy for business' stuck in their offering. Jordan's passion lies in inventing: inventing new scenarios, new concepts, new rules, new ways of thinking, new ways of experiencing and new ways of sharing.

Dean Hodges

Senior Partner - Digital products

Dean is a D&AD award winning technical and creative designer. With over 20 years of experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge to web development, mobile design as well as digital product design. His portfolio and digital work is often blogged and referred to the benchmark in best in class user experience, design and technical development. Dean leads our technical development teams, where he enjoys bringing new ideas to life. Dean is a avid entrepreneur and is passionate about encouraging the next generation of coders.

"If you think good design is expensive. You should look at the cost of bad design." If yo

Design thinking

/our approach

We collaborate with you at every design stage and make sure we share our workings.

Our design thinking approach helps us understand, prototype and feedback. No idea is left unexplored. And no wild cards or random creative gets through! This is about being original, inventive and purpose-driven.

Understand and define

We learn what’s wrong and agree on what to fix. Our research, strategy, and user insight – all come together to help set parameters for success.

Create and prototype

We get crafting original and inventive solutions.  We test against our research and insight until we have a solid output that we all love. 

Deliver and feedback

We make sure the solution is sustainable, commercial, and looks good. We will check in with you to ensure it’s all working. And if not, we’re at hand to sort it.